The Premium brand for Lilies en Gypsophila

Lilies and Gypsophila can be found in different colors, sizes and quality. And the latter, that is exactly where Klaver Flowers stands out. We supply premium lilies and gypsophila for a fair price. And we are proud of that!

What we do

As a large family business, Klaver Flowers is the producer of Gypsophila and Lillies. From our branches in the Netherlands and Ethiopia, we work every day with a large team to achieve the best quality for you and your end users.

Quality by Nature

We always go for the best. For you and your customers, but also for our staff. We therefore do not focus on the most special or exotic products, but choose for the highest achievable quality of our products, so you can pass this quality on to your customers. Thanks to our agreements with contract growers worldwide, our lilies are of premium quality all year round.

Service first

We like challenges. And a good challenge needs a good service. That is why we like to take care of you. Do you have a challenge? Our team will gladly think along with you and try to answer it as much as possible with our products.


Tight production

High quality with everyday prices. This is only possible with a streamlined organization and production. We look ahead, so that everything is always right. Klaver Flowers is therefore your reliable partner who delivers, from small to large.


Standing still is going backwards and being ahead is fun! We innovate and invest continuously in the latest techniques in the flower sector. This is how we work every day to do things just a little better and smarter.

In full blossom

Our products are in full bloom. Thanks to the above-mentioned characteristics, we are getting a little better and a little bigger every day. Our greatest motivation for the best product? That is your end user!


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