White purity of the finest. In fact, that says all about our gypsophila. 

We grow this cut flower on our fertile soil in Ethiopia, in the best possible conditions. These conditions allow us to deliver a pure white and high quality product to our customers.

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Gypsophila of Klaver Flowers

In our flower line Klaver Gypsophila, we are pleased to surprise you with premium gypsophila. Standard in its kind, unique in its quality.

Klaver Gypsophila

The growth process of gypsophila is largely in our own hands. This way we can be sure that you always order the best quality gypsophila at Klaver Flowers, for a fair price. We do not focus on the most special or exotic species, but on delivering the highest quality.

We guarantee our natural quality by sustainable cultivation, among other things. For example, we consciously choose to use fewer chemicals. The natural growth process ultimately ensures that your gypsophila is of extra high quality!


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Are you looking for gypsophila of premium quality at a fair price? With our extensive assortment, you will always find the right gypsophila or the perfect lily. View our assortment, or let us know how we can help you. We will gladly take care of all your wishes!

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