Colorful, various shapes and various sizes. The lily is a flower that travels all over the world and thanks to its diversity always continues to surprise!

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The Lilies of Klaver Flowers

In our flower line Klaver Lilies we like to surprise you with premium lilies. Standard in its kind, unique in its quality.

Klaver Lilies

The growing process of our lilies is completely in our own hands. This way we can be sure that you will always order the best quality lilies from Klaver Flowers, for a fair price. We do not focus on the most special or exotic varieties, but on delivering the highest quality.

Our conscious decision to grow lilies sustainably ensures, among other things, that our lilies grow in a responsible manner. And this natural growth process ultimately ensures that your lily is of extra high quality!


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Are you looking for lilies of premium quality at a fair price? With our extensive assortment you will always find the right lily or gypsophila.

View our assortment, or let us know how we can help you. We like to think along with you.

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